How to Carve Patterns in Pumpkins?


There are several different ways to carve patterns into the pumpkins. The best way is to make a pattern on a piece of paper. Then place the paper on the pumpkin and with either a sheered knife or a knife from a craving pumpkin kit.
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Cut out a lid in the top of the pumpkin large enough to fit your hand and a spoon inside. Add a small notch in the back of the lid. The notch will remind you how the lid is positioned
Ehow has some simple templates: Martha Stewart's Living Halloween special always has nice design templates - these are archived here with instructions
Pumpkin Masters has some fun patterns! Use this link to view them and good
You can find many different pumpkin carving patterns at There are templates for animals, Halloween themes and television characters.
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The best way to carve a pattern into a pumpkin is to tape the pattern you choose to the hallowed pumpkin and score along the areas you are going to cut with a ...
To carve a Dora pattern into your pumpkin, you can either choose to freehand it or work from a template or pattern. These can be found online or at Halloween stores ...
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