Microprocessor Types?


There are many types of microprocessors. The microprocessor is the brain of a personal computer. It is also referred to as a central processing unit (CPU). It performs the systemâ€â&dbquo;¢s calculating and processing. Microprocessor are often the most expensive component in the system. It can cost up to four or more times than a motherboard it plugs. Intel is credited with developing the world's first microprocessor. Today, Intel still has control over majority of the microprocessor market for personal computer systems.
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A microprocessor performs three basic steps: First, it fetches an instruction from memory; second, it uses decoding circuitry to determine what the instruction means; and third, it
It "tells" something what to do. For example if you pressed caps lock it would "tell" the computer to type in capitals.
That's a extremely vague question for anyone that knows anything about processors. Pretty much any processors used today are in fact micro processors. AMD, Intel and IBM being your
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Types of Microprocessors
Microprocessors, also called processors or CPUs (for "Central Processing Unit"), are often referred to as the "brains" of computers because they execute programs. There are many different types of microprocessors, both in terms of capability and brand.... More »
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