Microwave Transmission Definition?


Microwave transmission is defined as the technology of conveying information by applying the radio waves whose wavelengths are suitably calculated in small numbers of centimeter. This part of the radio spectrum varies across frequencies of roughly 1.0 gigahertz to 30 GHz which matches wavelengths from 30 centimeters down to 1.0 cm.
Q&A Related to "Microwave Transmission Definition?"
1. Provides a high data rate. 2. cost of purchsing towers for transmission is pretty low. 3. small antennas are required. <mehdia khan>
Microwaves:1:a short electromagnetic wave (longer than infrared but shorter
Exactly the same as transmissions at lower frequencies, such as radio stations. e.g. FM transmissions have a wavelength around 3 metres long. Only the frequencies are much higher,
microwave spectrum: the part of the electromagnetic spectrum corresponding to microwaves
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