What are some popular middle names for boys?


Parents often choose traditional or family names when picking a middle name for a baby boy, states SheKnows. More parents are choosing to use the father's name as a middle name in lieu of naming a boy for his father with the suffix "Junior." Other families choose the mother's maiden name as a middle name for a boy.

As of 2010, according to Baby Center Australia, the most popular middle name for a boy was James; celebrities who jumped on this trend included Carson Daly, Amy Poehler and Britney Spears. John and William are the second and third most popular boys' middle names. Tom Brady and Jon Stewart both gave their sons the middle name Thomas. Middle name choices five through 10 were Alexander, Robert, Michael, David, Andrew and Peter, all of which are very traditional names.

Next came Joseph, whose rank at number 11 showed it to be more popular as a middle name than as a first name. Celebrities using the middle name Joseph for their sons include Kelly Ripa and Mark Wahlberg. Joseph is followed by Jack, which is counted as a separate name even though it is a derivative of the name John. Edward was the 13th most popular middle name in 2011, perhaps influenced by its use in the popular "Twilight" book series. The remaining top 20 middle names for boys were Anthony, Christopher, Daniel, Henry, Matthew, Oliver and Jay.

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Michael, James, & David are common middle names. Julian & Adrian can make for unique middle names.
Most common middle names for boys are Nathan, Adam, Luke, John, Tyler,
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