How do African elephants migrate?


Both Asian and African elephants migrate using the same patterns. This occurs in either of three ways depending on the environmental conditions. They may separate by individual family groups in response to limited food supplies. Alternatively, several family groups, usually between two and five, may form a larger group known as bond groups for migration or the entire populations of elephant herds join together in mass migration, with estimates of as many as 500 individuals reported.
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Because they are bored and want to buy a new house.
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Hunger. They move on when they have eaten the available forage where they are, and when the season dictates that they move to find water.
They go to different parts of the jungles in search of fresh food and water.
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African elephants constantly travel between food sources and water. the female normally called matriarch heads the herd of elephants normally females line family blood line. the female elephant uses her memory to find routes that lead to food and water during the drought.
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