Mildew Smell in Bath Towels?


A mildew smell in bath towels after they are laundered may mean that there is mildew in the washing machine that they were laundered in. There are products that will help with the mildew smell that is prevalent in the more modern washing machines. Affresh and Smelling Washer are two products that can be found on the shelves of the local market that will help. Be sure to clean the gaskets on the door and the detergent dispensers.
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1. Fill the bathtub, sink or container large enough to hold the towels with hot water. Make sure that the towels are completely submerged and add 2 to 3 cups of baking soda. 2. Leave
It is best to wash the towels again with detergent. Let the machine fill with water and detergent, add you towels and allow them to soak for a few hours. If the towels are white,
The rewashing with a small amount of bleach is the only method that I have ever found effective.
Mildew smells in any laundry is one of the most difficult things to remove. The key is to catch the smell before it is fully laundered and especially before it's dried. There are
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The reason why bath towels can sometimes smell is because mildew ha formed on them. This can happen when they are in a very warm, moist environment. It can also ...
To remove mildew smell from towels bleach them. If they towels cannot be bleached you can wash them in some baking soda to remove the mildew smell. ...
1. Hang your towels to dry right away after you use them. If you are able, dry your towels in full sun if possible. The suns radiation will kill mold and mildew ...
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