Mildew Smell in Washing Machine?


Vinegar is a great way to eliminate the mildew smell in a washing machine. Set the temperature setting to hot and let the machine fill with water. Then add vinegar to the water and allow to sit with water in the machine for an hour or so. After sitting allow the machine to finish the cycle.
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1. Level the washing machine by twisting the feet using an adjustable wrench. Place a leveling tool on top of the machine. Continue your adjustments until the leveling tool shows
Run a load of laundry. It might help to use a detergent with "color safe bleach" or run a load of whites with real chlorine bleach.
Run it through a cycle empty with hot water and bleach, or you can also add some old towels which will help to wash out the machine. Then run it through empty again with warm water
1. Use the cleaning cycle on your washer machine. This special cycle runs without any clothes and uses very high water temperatures to kill any mold or mildew which it flushes out
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How to Remove Mildew Smells From a Washing Machine
The growth of mildew requires warmth, moisture and food. Washing machines meet all these requirements, making them perfect breeding grounds for this early-stage mold. Washing machines in busy households are even more prone to developing mildew; their... More »
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To get the mildew smell out of a front loader washing machine there are several products available to use. Most of these products require running a cycle with ...
Your washing machine could be having a musty smell because it probably has mildew. The mildew can be as a result of placing your machine in a damp environment ...
The most common reason for a washing machine to smell like mold is the build up of mold or mildew underneath the rubber gaskets in the machine. This occurs when ...
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