How to Keep a Mileage Log?


Mileage logs are kept for tax deduction purposes. You'll want to keep a yearly log so be sure that the book that you use is large enough to accommodate the entire year's worth of entries. Your book should be able to fit in your car's glove box or console. Record each trip on a separate line and use a paper clip to mark the page so you can turn to it quickly to record your next trip.
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How to Create a Free Mileage Log
Business people keep a mileage log mainly to support a mileage tax deduction from the IRS. When filing your taxes, you can receive a deduction for each mile traveled for business purposes. Each year, the IRS figures an amount per mile that people can... More »
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1. Open the pocket calendar to the day of the trip and write down the mileage reading from the odometer on the line for the corresponding day. 2. Use a separate line for another date
As a sole proprietor you are entitled to some tax deductions. When you use you vehicle for business, such as when traveling to and from client offices for meetings and sales calls
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Hi Andrew. Are the clients really needed. The key is the distance travelled ? Just record your mileage between clients and tot up total miles. This would ignore any start/end point
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