Military Call Letters?


The military call letters are as follows: A - alpha B - bravo C - charlie D - delta E - echo F - foxtrot G - golf H - hotel I - india J - juliet K - kilo L - lima M - mike N - november O - oscar P - papa Q - quebec R - romeo S - sierra T - tango U - uniform V - victor W - whisky X - x-ray Y - yankee Z - zulu. That is the whole alphabet.
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I think you are referring to the phonetic alphabet ie. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie.
Letters have five parts with the closing part being called the closing. This is where you can say sincerely or thank you, then add your name to the ending. For more information, look
1. Write the recipient's address on the left side of the letter. For example, when writing to a Major General, the address would be started "Major General (Name) Write the military
P is equal to Papa in military call letters. Text Claus again soon!
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