Military Police Salary?

Answer offers career information and salaries for military police officers. All of the branches of the military in the United States, have their own military police force. The military police can earn about $30,000 as the rank of a sergeant. He would also receive additional funds for both housing and food. Salary will vary by rank. The annual salary may also vary by the branch of the service that the MP is a member of.
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You get paid in the military by the rank and time of service, not by job titles except jump status, hazard duty and other deployment incentives.
The average salary for military police is $39,000. Try our voice
Median starting salary for police detectives as of 2009 is about $55,000. The average salary for all police detectives in 2008 was about $64,000. About 80 percent of all police detectives
Below is the military pay table Look up the pay grade and years in service to come up with the base pay. Add the Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) Then Add Basic Allowance for
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Salary Profile for Military police
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $34,000 $77,000 $26,000
National $26,000 $59,000 $20,000
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