Military Term Distance Click?


The military term for distance is known as a klick. This is a term used to signify a kilometer. A kilometer is a distance of measure in the metric system. It is sometimes spelled as click. A klick is 0.62137 miles or 3,280.8 feet. The term, lurps is slang for member of the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols. The LZ is a landing zone. Medivac is a slang term used to signify a medical evacuation by helicopter from the field.
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A click is a kilometer, which is about five/eights of a
a kilometer.
A "Klick" (correct spelling) is a military term, means 1 kilomeeter, or .62 miles.
In military terms, a "klick" or click means a distance of 1000 meters (one kilometer, or .62 miles). The exact origin of "klick" is unknown.
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A click in military terms is used in regard to the sound the knobs on their weapons made, as well as the shortened version of a metric distance. It is usually ...
In referring to distance, a click is a military term used to mean 1000 meters or one kilometer. In the American system of measurement, a click is 0.62 miles. The ...
In the military, one click is equal to 1000 meters or one kilometer. For more information about military strategies you can go to . ...
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