Milk Souring a Physical Change?


When milk goes sour, that is a chemical change. Milk souring is not considered to be a physical change. In a chemical change, the substance that is present when the change begins is no longer present when the change ends. 
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It is a chemical change because there is a chemical reaction occurring that is rotting the milk. An example of a physical change would be if the milk was evaporated or frozen.
Milk souring's chemical change that takes place as opposed to when it was just
It is a chemical change. Chemical changes are permanent and the product you end up with after the change cannot be reverted back to the original material. Burning is an example of
Chemical change as the atoms molecules and particles are chemically changed into new substances
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Milk going sour is chemical alteration because of the change that takes place as opposed to regular milk is the sour-tasting elastic acid that is produced and ...
A spoilage bacteria causes the chemical changes in milk souring. It is also caused by cross-contamination. This is due to temperature not suitable for the milk. ...
Milk turning sour is a chemical change. Once the milk turns sour, it cannot be returned to its normal state. Milk is known to be the primary source of nutrition ...
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