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Milka chocolate is manufactured by Mondelez International. It is a milk chocolate bar. It is sold in holiday shapes and specialty forms as well as in bar form. The Milka Cow is the mascot of the chocolate bar. It is a lilac color cow with a face that is entirely white. Milka is made in Germany, Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Costa Rica, Brazil, Poland, Ukraine, Belgium, and Argentina. The name, Milka is said to be derived from the German words milch and kakao.
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Wow. I first discovered Milka when I visited a friend's foreign exchange family in Germany. Any chance I go to Germany, I buy bunch of these. Later I was able to find them in the
Milka originated in Switzerland (created by Suchard), but is now
Peter Schmidt, a designer working for Young & Rubicam, created the image in 1973 and a real cow, painted lilac, became the instant star of TV and films. Apparently in a painting
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Brands of white chocolate include; glosette, goobers, milka, nestle chunky, mousse, caramac and taza among others. White chocolate is made of cocoa butter, sugar ...
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