Milky White Discharge before My Period?


Vaginal discharge is normal. Usually, for a few days after your period and a few days before, there is very little to no discharge. If there is, it is fine so long as it's not yellow or green, curd like, or accompanied by pain, itching, or other discomfort. Other types of discharge include milk white or creamy and sticky; this appears between dry days and ovulation. Ovulation discharge looks like raw egg whites and is slippery and stretchy. Watery discharge is normal. Brown discharge is normal around menstruation and indicates old blood.
Q&A Related to "Milky White Discharge before My Period?"
After your period, your uterine lining thickens to provide nutrients for a fertilized egg that may eventually grow into a baby. If the egg that is released mid-month is unfertilized
When ovulating you may often notice more of this clear mucus discharge. You can always take a test to be sure. Hi that's normal that's just a sign telling you your ovulating. I had
Don't worry everyone gets discharge I do, and that's just a natural thing that's why we have paddy liners so you could buy some of them . And no your not pregnant don't worry.
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