What Questions Are on the Millwright Test?


A millwright is a type of tradesman or tradeswoman who installs, maintains and repairs equipment and machinery for a number of industries. A millwright must possess the knowledge of a number of trade areas such as electrical work, carpentry, and welding. The questions on the millwright test cover areas that include, but are not limited to: hydraulics; welding; power transmission; safety; pneumatics; fabrication; design and diagram reading; safety; and tools and equipment.
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I agree, i believe you wanna know the kind of questions they will ask. Well it seems they are tight about giving a fair amount of questions to get a feel for the test, but the link
There is no NCCER practice test for any craft.
1. Visualize the problem. If pen and paper are allowed, try sketching out some possible answers. Seeing the puzzle on paper, or clearly in your mind, will make the question seem concrete
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