Milwaukee Safe House Password?


The password to the safe house in Milwaukee changes on a regular basis. However, if you do not know the password, they will usually ask you to do something silly such as sing a song to gain entry. The safe house is a spy themed restaurant.
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I want to find a safe house.
I believe it changes every day. From one website: "She informed us that the password could be found in Nixon's speech bubble in a political cartoon in a room with a green ceiling
"I'm looking for a safe
In order to gain the password, you must complete a task, such as hoola-hooping or singing. Have fun!
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The Safe House is a spy-themed restaurant and bar located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin... More>>
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The Safe House in Milwaukee, WI is a spy-themed bar and nightclub that requires a password to gain entry. It is not openly published, so guests who do not know ...
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