Mime Skits for One Person?


One of the easiest and funnest mime skits for one person involves actively mimicking someone in a public place. The best way of how to do this mime skit is to go to a mall or a busy market area and pick someone out of the crowd to follow. Then simply do everything that person does until you get everyone laughing.
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1. Make a list of your mime skills. A mime's skills are learned and practiced over time to perfection. List all of situational movements, such as climbing a rope or running into a
I used to do one-person skits for a church worship service, to emphasize the Scripture or message. You can find skits like this on one of these sites: http://www.macscouter.com/Skits
A mime-artist or maybe a ventriloquist
A good, short, two-person skit is called "Fly in the Soup. It features a
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When coming up with skid ideas for one person, think of one person scenarios. Try focusing on a topic that personally interests you. Make use of props to help ...
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