How to Read Minds (As a Magic Trick)?


It can be impossible to really read minds but you can give it a try as a magic trick. You can try this by asking a person a variety of personal questions. Have that person write the answers on some paper.
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1 Ask for three volunteers. This is a good trick to perform in front of a crowd, since you'll need three volunteers to do it correctly. Be sure to get exactly three; the trick won't
1. Ask your selected audience member to select a two-digit odd number in which both digits are different and to concentrate on that number. Make sure that the audience member doesn't
Well, you really can't read the minds of other people. You can, however, learn about body language and then watch that for tell-tail signs of deceit, love, etc.
Tell them to think of a number between 1-9. Tell them to double it. Tell them to add, let's say, 4. Tell them to half it. Tell them to tell them their answer. and their answers would
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1. Tell your gullible friend that you want to read his mind. Ask him to choose a number between 1 and 10, and to keep this number secret. 2. Direct your subject ...
The titles of the chapters in the book 'Mind Reading Card Tricks' are not listed. Some of the types of card tricks contained in the chapters are Sleight of Hand, ...
Some people seem to have the knack for reading others minds even when they aren't speaking. The trick is two-fold. First of all, the better you know a person, ...
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