Miniature Chihuahua?


The miniature chihuahua is a type of chihuahua that is smaller than the regular size of chihuahua. The regular size chihuahua is already small as it is. The miniature chihuahua will be about six pounds. The miniature chihuahua is usually not a good dog to have around children (especially small children). Many of the dogs do not like children. The dogs are very protective of their owners but do not like to be picked on by anyone.
Q&A Related to "Miniature Chihuahua?"
1. Buy your chihuahua a crate, to both give him a den and to use as a basis for house training. Because miniature chihuahuas do not grow to large sizes, buy a crate that will fit
The life expectancy of a miniature chihuahua can be over 15 years.
neither a chihuahua by standard is a dog that does not excede 6 pounds . The toy and mini would be made up names to try to get more money. I know someone local to me that sells their
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