Miniature Labrador?


A miniature Labrador is a Labrador that is smaller than the regular size of Labrador. The miniature Labrador is a good type of dog for a person to have that lives in an apartment or small house. The miniature Labradors will not require a lot of space. If you do not have a yard for the miniature Labrador, you should make sure that you walk it at least once a day because they do like being outdoors.
Q&A Related to "Miniature Labrador?"
A mini black Lab is a black Lab crossed with a beagle. There are mini Lab
they are smaller.
I don't really think you want one. Here is why.…. But you might want to look into breeds that were developed by people with the same
Oh no, them too? Before buying anything touted as a miniature I'd look into the effects of improper line breeding (inbreeding) and dwarfism on health. Apparently they are usually
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