Miniature Yorkie Puppies under 200 Dollars?


Finding miniature Yorkie puppies under 200 dollars is a tough feat. However, these precious pups do occasionally pop up in pet shelters, whose adoption fees are typically under $200. Home breeders also may advertise on Craigslist for affordable miniature Yorkie puppies in this price range.
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Try your local animal shelter, humane society, or Yorkie rescue.there are plenty (far too many! animals waiting to be adopted, usually at a relatively low cost.
Looking for a boxer with papers for under 200 dollars, is very
A local shelter but if you want cheap under $200 maybe you don't have the money to keep a dog.
Check your local newspaper adds, check with your local pet stores, humaine societies, vets, and look on store wall postings. That is what I suggest. I hope you find one.
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