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The minimum bathroom dimensions depends upon what all a person is putting in their bathroom. For basic dimensions, a half bath should have the dimensions of four feet by four feet. For general dimensions, a full bath should have the dimensions of five feet by 7 feet and six inches. The toilet width in the bathroom should be two feet and six inches. The sink width in the bathroom should be two feet and six inches.
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There are no set minimum dimensions for a bathroom as not all bathrooms need to contain the same thing. Some have only a toilet and do not even have a sink, while half bathrooms will just have the sink and toilet with no shower/bath combo or shower stall. However, plumbing does have to comply with building codes in a particular area and the opening to the bathroom should be at least 34 inches wide and three feet tall.
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6ftx6ft with all plumbing on one wall(bath tub/shower[30"x60"toilet[3ftx3ft]vanity[30"x30"anything left is for walk around,towels, or entrance into bath area.
A half bath needn't be large. You will have enough space if you
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