Minimum Tire Tread?


The tread on your tires keeps your car on the road safely. The tread creates friction, which prevents unnecessary slipping and sliding. As you drive, the tread slowly wears down. To ensure that you are safe and operating your car legally, the tread on all of the tires should be at least 1/16-inch deep.

While there are tire tread depth gauges that you can use to check the depth of your tires, you can also use a penny. Apparently, the distance between the outside of the penny and Abraham Lincoln's face is roughly 1/16-inch. What you'll need to do is place the penny into one of the grooves of the tire so that the top of his head is closest to the inside of the tire. If you can see all of Lincoln's face, it's time to get new tires. If his face is partially obscured, your tires are probably fine. Be sure to check all of your tires!
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Excessively worn tires are more susceptible to penetrations. Always remove tires
2/32 of an inch in most parts of the USA. Local laws may vary.
1. Ensure that you have the proper tires for your particular vehicle. They should be the correct size and type of tire. If you're not using the right tires, consider purchasing new
1. Look at tires and examine their tread. Find one that has some appeal and would work for you as a tire tread belt. Treads worn in an interesting pattern make good belts. 2. Purchase
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The legal minimum tire tread is considered to be 2/32 in at least 42 states. 1/32 is the minimum in Idaho and California. Tire tread refers to the rubber's circumference ...
The minimum tread depth recommended on car tyres is 1.6 millimetres. The safety measure means that at 1.6 millimetersit will take a car moving at 50 mph, 8 metersto ...
2/32 of an inch in most parts of the USA. Local laws may vary. ...
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