How to Unlock Maps for the Mio GPS.?


1. Open the computer's web browser and navigate to the Mio Store website. Click the "Maps" link, followed by the "Unlock Additional Maps" link. Select your device from the "Select a Device" window and click the map you wish to unlock. Provide your
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The 3.5 inch portable gps system called MIO is currently priced at $186.99 on
Only available in 2007 on disc from Mio.
Overall Rating: Rating 4 Star Rating star(s) Product Review: Knight Rider GPS by Mio
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You can unlock maps for the Mio GPS by paying up. Unfortunately, each map needs money in order to be unlocked. You can do this on the Mio Website. ...
1. Tap "Track Logs" from the main menu of the C310x, and push "Record" to begin recording the real-time map of the current journey. The new ...
Hi - You can download the manual by clicking the link underlined in blue below: Mio C220 Please take a moment to rate this solution & let us know if the information ...
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