How much are misprint quarters worth?


How much are misprint quarters worth? Some could be worth a lot. The exact value depends on the year the coin was minted, the coin's size and the specific defect on the coin. It is definitely worth the investigation.
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To clear things up, coins are STRUCK or MINTED. Printing refers to paper and ink (if the quarter was printed on paper my guess it that is is fake and you should get rid of it before
There are many misprints, some I found were Wisconsin and
Hi Derrick, Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I was away at a "Parent's Weekend" and my daughter's college. The coin is not misprinted. It is a magician's coin
Ebay has a delaware quarter for 50, if that is anything to judge.
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Misprint of quarters don't have an exact value . Misprint of quarters usually depend on the type of misprint including those that are filled with dies or multiply-struck ...
The misprint of the North Carolina state quarter included a mistake in the alignment of the picture at the back of the quarter. The picture is aligned to the left ...
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