What Happened to Miss Lemon from the Poirot Stories?


Poirot stories are a series of detective stories created by Christie which were later turned into a TV series. The character poirot is believed to have been inspired by other fictional detective of the time like Marie Belloc Lowdes' Hercule Popeau and Frank Howel Evans' monsieur Poirot. In the Poirot stories Miss Lemon worked first as parker payne's secretary and then as Hercule Poirot's secretary.
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She retired to go and live with her sister.
Mystery / Crime / Drama / Thriller
She was only in a few Hercule Poirot books, the same as Hastings.
Lemon-chan gave several spy training lessons to shin-chan. SDhe taught him various methods, and it is better to see them by yourself. So, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiCQf76O
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