Who were the missi dominici?


The missi dominici, or envoys of the lord, were representatives that Merovingian and Carolingian kings sent out to help supervise various parts of the realm. The two-man teams consisted of a clergyman, such as an abbot or a bishop, and a layman like a count or duke.

Though other kings used missi dominici sporadically, under Charlemagne the teams became a normal part of the administration of the empire. Beginning in approximately 802, missi dominici traveled on inspection circuits, or missatica, throughout the realm. Their duties were to right wrongs and promote justice. To ensure objectivity and loyalty to the king and not the subjects, they were not allowed to serve in their native lands, and their circuits were continually shifted. The missi dominici were powerful men who conducted investigations, pronounced royal decrees, supervised clergy, kept ambitious local lords in check by their presence, received oaths of allegiance from nobility and reported on local news and conditions to the king.

After the death of Charlemagne in 814, the administrative system of missi dominici weakened. Local nobility began to have a say in their appointments, and they looked more to local interests than to the good of the realm. However, Charlemagne's successors continued to use these envoys until almost the end of the ninth century.

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They were appointed in
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