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The name of the theme song from the movie, Mission Impossible 2 is Take a Look Around. Mission Impossible 2 is the name of movie that starred Tom Cruise. The movie, Mission Impossible 2 was released in theaters in the year of 2000. The movie is 123 minutes long and it rated PG-13 (the movie is not meant to be viewed by small children). The movie is about a secret agent who does to Sydney.
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All the tension in the world today
All the little girls fillin up the world today
When good comes to bad the bad comes to good
But im gonna live a life like I should
Now all the critics wanna hit it... More >>
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Dany Elfman
The theme for Mission Impossible II is Take a Look Around by Limp
I think David Holmes did the latest version.
"Won't Back Down" by Eminem (feat. Pink) is featured in the trailer for "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol". Paula Patton and Simon Pegg are in this movie.
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Limp Bizkit is the band that provided the main song for the film 'Mission Impossible 2'. The band was formed in the year 1995 in Jacksonville Florida. It initially ...
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The theme song in Mission Impossible movies was written by Lalo Schifrin who is a pianist, conductor and composer from Argentina. He has also written other popular ...
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