Mission Style Furniture?


Mission style furniture began in the 1800s. It was popularized by Joseph P. McHugh of New York. Its design concentrates on simple horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels that emphasize the wood's grain.
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1. Remember your flooring when you’re decorating with this style. Gravitate toward ceramic tile, stone floors or hardwood. These—like the furniture itself—should
Answer in california it is recognized as oak furniture that has very plain lines,sturdy construction,square or flat planes. famous makers of mission style are the Stickley Bros.
Mission style furniture is characterized by a simple design, often emphasizing vertical lines. The furniture is suggestive of handcrafted work, but it is devoid of ornate design and
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Mission Style Furniture
Mission style furniture embodies the concept of form following function. With its clean lines and handcrafted appeal, mission style furniture is designed to fulfill its purpose with as little fanfare as possible. Its simplicity is striking in its... More »
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