Mitsubishi Factory Radio Codes?


Every car is very unique in terms of settings and other factory functions. This is the same with the Mitsubishi cars. Each of their cars comes with Mitsubishi factory radio codes. The radio codes are different from each other and each is unique. There is an assumption that all codes are similar. This is not the case and that is why only specific codes work for specific radios in the Mitsubishi cars. You should liaise with car manufacturer when you have problems with radio codes.
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It will not work all radio codes are different. There is a special number to call and you will need numbers off the back of radio so it will have to be removed.
1. Turn the ignition key to the "II" position and turn on the radio. 2. Wait for the words "CODE" to appear on the digital display of your 2001 Eclipse. 3. Enter
If your Mitsubishi factory radio says "OFF" or "CODE" when you turn it on
How to enter your Radio Code. Use the first four radio station preset buttons to enter the code. 1: Push radio preset#1 until first digit of your code appears. 2: Push radio preset#2
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