Mobile Home Add a Room?


Adding a room to a mobile home requires a building permit. Modular rooms are easy to add and can be matched to your home's current wall and roof colors. Many construction companies specialize in mobile homes.
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1. Start building the floor area first, attached to the motor home, and add in the axle and wheels. Once everything is sturdy, install the outer walls and check out the whole structure
If you have the skills, and know how to do that on a regular house, then you will have no trouble doing it on a mobile home.
cell broadcast. It's part of the GSM standard. Normally it's used to show the area code of the local POTS system.
I'm assuming your talking about a manufactured home and not a travel trailer. I'd check the web sites for manufacturers (Nobility, Fleetwood, etc) and see if they have a floor plan
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How to Add a Room to a Mobile Home
Mobile homes have no foundation, so it is difficult to add a room. It may be difficult but it is not impossible. What you have to determine is which side of the mobile home will take the extra load without tipping over. There is also a chance of that you... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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