What are some mobile home decorating ideas?


According to About.com, there are several smart ways to spruce up a mobile home to give it a personal touch: The walls in the home can be brightened by using colorful masking or washi tape to create striped patterns. A resident can create one or more horizontal, vertical or diagonal stripes that look just as good as paint. Low-adhesive tape provides design flexibility since it peels off with ease.

Affordable wall decals are another option for creating fun and interesting rooms. For a dramatic change, a resident may opt for removable wall paper. About.com notes that wallpaper comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. Removable fabric is an interesting alternative to regular wallpaper, but it tends to be sticky. Drawers and shelves can be covered with contact paper that come in many different patterns and colors.

Plants freshen up mobile homes and provide natural beauty when strategically placed indoors. Living plants also refresh the air. Mobile home dwellers can opt to use flowers and plants for exterior decoration. Placing a rug in a room instantly adds texture and color to floors. Small touches like placing decorative lighting, artwork, vases and pillows around the home can update its appearance.

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1. Paint the walls of your mobile home with a shade of white or other light neutral color, such as beige or cream. It's a good idea to continue the neutral shade down the hallway
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Decorating Ideas for a Mobile Home
Decorating a mobile home can become a challenge due to the space available in typical mobile homes. Place decorative items strategically throughout your mobile to maximize space. With a little elbow grease and inexpensive items, your mobile home can look... More »
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