Mobile Home Floor Repair?


The process tor repair a mobile home floor may vary based on the problem. You can find the materials for most of the flooring at a home improvement store. You can also hire a contractor to determine the problem and fix the floor.
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1. Remove the floor covering-the carpet or vinyl flooring-from the damaged area. Roll the carpet away from the work area. Peel sheets of vinyl flooring back by hand. Scrape and pry
Overview The floor in your mobile home is likely made from lightweight and inexpensive particle board that is very susceptible to water damage. Particle board is made from saw dust
You have two options; option a: Crawl under the mobile home and locate the soft spot(s). Remove the insulation and anything else in the way. Then use framing lumber (such as 2 x 4
The average labor cost to have common flooring installed is
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To paint a mobile home, first pressure wash the exterior and let it dry. Repair any dents and caulk any holes around the windows and allow to dry. Then sand down ...
When you are going to paint the floors in mobile home you first fill the holes in the wood if any. These floors are usually made of wood therefore you should make ...
Most of the time you can fix the leak by sealing the entire roof. You can also replace or cover the old roof with a new metal or rubber roof. If sealing is not ...
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