How do you patch the metal siding on a mobile home?


To patch metal sidings on a mobile home will require you to have in snips, rubber mallet, measuring tape, pencil, carpenters square, a piece of aluminum siding (same color), vise, cordless drill, drill bits, pop rivet gun, pop rivets, clean rags, caulking gun, clear silicone caulking. For more information visit
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1. Assess the damaged area of the aluminum siding that needs to be patched. Cut off any excess siding that is sticking out with tin snips. Gently tap the edges of the damaged siding
Steel in the underframe and aluminium sheet in the exterior cladding.
To determine the worth of the scrap metal from a mobile home, it
You can get them at just about any home depo or lowes,make sure they are the best you can buy and a heavy gage,i got mine at lowes,just know what you are doing when you put it in
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