How to Become a J.C. Penney Catalog Model?


To become a J.C Penny Catalogue Model, liaise with a modeling agency that works with J.C. Penney to recruit models like Wilhelmina in New York. Then acquaint yourself with the current J.C. Penney catalog taking note of models similar to your appearance. Imitate their poses when taking your professional photographs and produce a portfolio of your best shots. Make an appointment with a modeling agency and inform them that you wish to model for the J.C. Penney catalog. If they have an opening that fits your experience and talent they may send you on a shoot.
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1. Locate yourself to one of the major cities where J.C. Penney recruits models. The company works with top modeling agencies in New York, Dallas, Miami and Los Angeles. 2. Familiarize
I am having the same problems as you. There are a couple of girls that modeled for JCP catalogs back from 1998-2000 that I have tried so very hard to find the names of. We need to
GetHuman says, the number for JC Penney Catalog is 800-222-6161-
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