Moderate Bilateral Foraminal Stenosis?


Moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal column. This causes pressure on the spinal cord pushing the spinal nerves away from the column. This is caused when the disks in a persons spinal column become dry and brittle and start to shrink.
Q&A Related to "Moderate Bilateral Foraminal Stenosis?"
An explanation of neural formainal stenosis: Neural foraminal narrowing is a common result of disc degeneration. Spinal nerves pass through an opening in the spinal column known as
The spine is comprised of 33 vertebrae. Each vertebra has two foramina, one located on each side, right and left. These foramina, or openings, are where the nerves run through the
Hello Renee, Between vertebral bodies is a disc. That disc is a nice shock absorber but it gets old as we get old. it gets thinner(space narrowing) and dehydrated (desiccation) it
This is a narrowing of the disc space alongboth sides of the spinal cord. If the foramina becomes constricted or blocked the nerves become constricted resulting in terrible back pain
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