What Type of Landforms Are There in the Mojave Desert?


The types of landforms found in the Mojave Desert are flat landscapes, high mesas and higher elevations. It also has some unique features such as San Gabriel Mountains, Cajon Pass, San Gorginio Pass and many more. It occupies a significant portion of the southeastern California and smaller parts of central California.
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Low barren mountains and flat valleys.
Desert animals deal with murderous heat and limited water in many ways. Some are active at dawn, dusk or night when temperatures are cooler. Some birds migrate to cooler climates
the weather patterns are mostly wind related. very little rain has made the soil easily manipulated by wind.very little vegetation has made the winds more severe. sunlight casts down
also Mohave Desert An arid region of southern California southeast of the Sierra Nevada. Once part of an ancient inland sea, the desert was formed by volcanic action and by materials
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List of Landforms in the Mojave Desert
The Mojave Desert extends through California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona, for more than 25,000 square miles. It contains a series of mountain ranges and broad valleys with little vegetation except the Joshua tree, which grows on higher elevations. With... More »
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