Mole Day Projects?


Mole day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on October 23rd from 6:02 am to 6:02 pm. Mole day was originally created to try to boost interest in chemistry, and now many schools and colleges celebrate Mole day with different chemistry related activities.
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Mole-opoly - create your own special game board or Create a "Moletin Board" - post
1. Be prepared to wake up early the morning of October 23. Mole Day officially begins at 6:02 AM. Ad. 2. Hold a moment of silence to honor Amadeo Avogadro and all other chemists.
1. Save some plastic milk jugs as you finish using them. If you are creating a project for your classroom, ask each student to collect one milk jug. Make they wash out the milk jugs
who is the mole's favorite rapper? - Moleja Boy. What is a mole's favorite kind of pop? - Coca-mola. What did the witch say on the wizard of oz? - I'm moleting im moleting.
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Mole day jokes are fun to tell every year. They can be a great way to entertain guests with a sense of humor. Some of them are: 'What movie does a mole love to ...
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