How Does Molecular Size Affect Diffusion Rate?


Molecular size affects diffusion rate in two different ways. If the molecule is big, the diffusion rate will be slow. If the molecule is small, its diffusion rate will be fast.
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= They have inverse relationships with each other. Smaller molecules would have faster diffusivity rate. =
1. Let density equal mass over volume. (p (Greek letter rho) = m / v) 2. Plug in the molecular values for the density equation. 3. Multiple both sides of the equation by v over 1.
If a molecule is small, it will diffuse at a faster rate. If it is big, then it will have a hard time diffusing through. Source(s):
As molecular size increases, the rate of diffusion decreases. Think about it this way. If you are running through a dense forest, who you run faster if you were a big football player
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The relationship between molecular size and diffusion rate is an inverse relation. The rate of diffusion is inversely proportional to the molecular size of the ...
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