Moles in Palm of Hands?


The sudden appearance of a mole on the palm of a person's hands may cause one to become concerned. If the mole is not symetric in shape, does not have well defined borders, is not consistent in color, and is larger than six millimeters in diameter, it is important to have it reviewed by a professional physician. Some atypical moles disappear on their own but it is better to be safe to have it looked it. In India, it is considered good luck to have a mole in the palm of the hand.
Q&A Related to "Moles in Palm of Hands?"
Absolutely nothing... if you are asking what it means in terms of good-luck, palm reading , tarot etc. But it can also mean that you have a serious skin issue to deal with. Especially
1. Choose a hand. The dominant hand, or the writing hand, is traditionally the hand selected for palm readings, though both hands should be read to get a fuller picture of the person's
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that you have a mole on your left palm .
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