How to Ask for a Monetary Gift in a Graduation Invitation?


It may be considered impolite to ask for things in invitations, but it isn't impossible. You can ask tactfully for the things you need. If money is your goal, state at the bottom that monetary contributions going toward your future would be appreciated.
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1. Compose the correct wording in advance. Write out exactly what you want your graduation or graduation party invitation to say before you print or order the invitations. Sleeping
It's socially tacky to request money or gift cards. Gifts are meant to be gestures of kindness from the giver, and not made in response to a request for specific things. There is
Monetary gifts are welcome!
Dear Cindy, It is never acceptable to ask for any kind of a gift, monetary or otherwise on an invitation. There is no life event or milestone that requires a gift,for that matter
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