What are some money management games for teens?


PracticalMoneySkills.com and Learn4Good.com are websites that offer money management games for kids and teens. These online games help teens learn important life skills, such as how to save money and how to run a business.

PracticalMoneySkills.com puts money management into a context that teens can understand. The website offers games like Financial Football, an NFL-themed game that awards points and touchdowns when students correctly answer finance related questions. Road Trip to Savings is another great game for teens learning about financial stability. The game features questions about financial management, and students who answer correctly successfully navigate the road trip to financial stability. Other games include Countdown to Retirement, Ed's Bank and Cash Puzzler.

Learn4Good.com is another website that offers interactive and educational games aimed at teens. Through this website, high school students can learn to manage a business and multi-task. Theme Hotel, for example, helps teach teens how to construct and manage a successful hotel. Third World Farmer is a thought provoking game that asks teens to manage an impoverished farm. Another popular game is Imperium, which allows players to build and manage a medieval civilization. Teens with a sweet tooth might want to play Papa’s Cupcakeria, which gives them the opportunity to run a cupcake business.

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