Monitor Says Check Signal Cable?


When your monitor displays the message 'check signal table' it means that it is not getting any input form the source. It could mean that the cable is disconnected, it is faulty or the main unit is turned off/faulty.
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1. Plug both the computer and the monitor into local power outlets. It is a good idea to use a surge protect when connecting the large electronic devices. This saves you from purchasing
Likely something is wrong with your motherboard
Check signal cable means your monitor is not getting a signal from your computer. Just like it was disconnected from the video card. Not related to your keyboard or mouse. Check that
That message means that the monitor is not getting a signal from the computer. Make sure the computer is trying to send out a display signal to the monitor (make sure extend desktop
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A VGA cable is a 15-pin connector that is used to connect the systems unit and the monitor, in order for it to transmit video signals. VGA is an abbreviation for ...
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