Mons Pubis Bump?


The mons pubis is a bump in the pubic area of women. This is a fatty bump that appears on all women and young teenaged girls in their pubic regions. It is actually adipose tissue that is located above the pubic bone. The mons pubis separates into the labia majora on each side of the pudendal cleft. The mons pubis reacts to estrogen and women will begin to get their mons pubis with the beginning of puberty.
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You will have to wait until it heals. This may be an ingrown hair or just
Sweetheart, anytime something about your body worries you or you notice something that wasn't always there.always tell your parents. It could be ingrown hairs or a cyst.
Mons pubis. is lowest part of abdomen located just. above genital organs. it is situated above. pubic bone. of. pelvic girdle. It is covered by. pubescent hair and sensitive .
n. , pl. , montes pubis . A rounded fleshy protuberance situated over the pubic bones that becomes covered with hair during puberty. [New Latin mōns pūbis : Latin mō
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Mon pubis are the fatty or adipose tissues on the front of the pelvic region of adult human females. Mon pubis form the anterior portion of the vulva. ...
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