Montgomery Ward 5 Hp Rototiller?


The Montgomery Ward 5 HP rototiller is an older model of rototiller which is no longer in production. This rototiller is sold used through locations such as Craigslist and eBay. Parts for this rototiller can sometimes be purchased from companies who specialize in parts for discontinued items. The value of this rototiller is not listed, but there are several websites which are dedicated to troubleshooting problems with this machine as well as finding needed parts.
Q&A Related to "Montgomery Ward 5 Hp Rototiller?"
Depending on the condition I might spend 100 bucks on it possibly.
In the engine 10w-30 in the gear box i think 80w-90
Most people here will tell you 50 to 1 I would use 40 to 1 OR 45 to 1 On the older outboards you will get more Life out of your outboard if you increase the oil a little bit. If it
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