Montgomery Ward Store Locations?


There are no physical Montgomery Ward store locations any longer. It used to be one of the biggest chains of retail stores in the United States but has moved to an online retailer only. Montgomery Ward went bankrupt in the 1990s and the majority of the intellectual properties were purchased by Direct Marketing Services, Inc and they also purchased the name of Montgomery Ward and Wards. You can shop their online store and have the items delivered to your home.
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Company was founded by Aaron Montgomery Ward in 1872 in Chicago, Illinois. In the year 1908 the company established its first headquarter in a 1.25 million ft² (116,000 m²
There are two Michaels in Montgomery, AL : At 7991 Eastchase
Tampa, FL, 33601
220 Frederick Ave, Rockville, MD
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210 E Glenn Ave, Auburn, AL 36830
(334) 246-3763
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