Mood Necklaces?


There are different interpretations for color shadings in mood necklaces but the basic colors and meanings seem to be universal. Black-for fear or stress; red for passion or anger: yellow for mixed emotions; green for renewal or growth; blue/purple is relaxed or calm ;white is boredom or frustration; pink is loving and orange is searching or wanting. Mood necklaces work by body heat and temperature changes can affect the colors.
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Mood necklaces were invented 3000 years ago were cavemen can anybody help me find the real answer.
The colors of a mood necklace includes, black - tense, gray - nervous, amber-
the begining when the woman wants to be in a higher class, it is a sense of longing, and kinda snobby. when she borrows the neclace and everyone loves the way she looks, so the mood
The tone of Guy de Maupassant's "The Necklace" is one of suspense and irony, largely because of the surprise twist ending in which Mathilde and the reader learn that the
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The meaning of colors for a mood necklace will depend on what mood necklace it is. White may mean frustrated while red might mean excited or full of energy. ...
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