What Is Definition and the Causes and Effects and Solutions of Moral Decadence among the Youths?


Moral decadence can mean both over-indulgence in the anti-moral lifestyles and also the indulgence in the moral realm. This all depends on what context it is used in. The causes of moral decadence depends greatly on the family and the effects of peer pressure among friends. The solution has a wide realm of possibilities including the individuals standing firm in their beliefs and in who they are.
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Moral decadence is the decay in education. Causes of Moral decadence. 1 Absenteeism. 2 Lack of reading culture. 3 Lack of parental care. 4 Immorality. 5 Poverty. Solution. 1 Parent
The effects are a higher number of teen pregnancy and a spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Anonymous
Bad parenting.
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