What is the moral lesson of "Aladdin"?


MSN Glo states that one of the morals in the movie "Aladdin" is that honesty is the best policy. Aladdin pretends to be a rich prince in order to win the heart of Princess Jasmine. He learns the hard way by almost being put to death that it is best to just be who you really are.

After Aladdin meets the disguised Princess Jasmine in the marketplace, he falls hard for her. He realizes that she is pretending to be a commoner, but she is actually rich and famous and that he has no chance to be with her in his current financial and social state. He ends up finding a genie who transforms him into Prince Ali. According to MSN, Jasmine does not much like Prince Ali, at least not nearly as much as she liked the regular Aladdin. The inference is that if people are not truthful in a relationship, that relationship is guaranteed to fail.

Geeks of Doom lists why the Genie is an admirable character. His part in the movie ties directly into the morals of the film, with friendship being the key. No matter how Aladdin treats the Genie, the Genie continues to help Aladdin. He reminds Aladdin to keep his promises; he urges Aladdin to tell the truth; and he ends up saving Aladdin's life. In return, Aladdin frees the Genie as his last wish. All of these examples stress the importance of friendship and elevate it to a moral attribute.

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