Mortuary Cosmetologist?


To become a mortuary cosmetologist, you must attend cosmetology school. Once you have your license, you will need to work as a cosmetologist for two years. After that period, you can apply with funeral homes.
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1. Graduate from high school or obtain a General Equivalency Diploma, or GED. Either one of these diplomas is necessary for a career in mortuary cosmetology. 2. Attend a licensed
A mortuary cosmetologist is someone who does the makeup and hair of someone who has
I do makeup and hair in funeral homes on an as needed statis. They pay me $40.00 for each head of hair I do. I have not charged to do the makeup so I don't know that price. They pay
Very, very few, if any, funeral homes actually hire out for this. In mortuary school, we are all trained how to do the cosmetics, it is not the same as doing on regular people. We
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